Level up your Discord community by making knowledge precious.

Qualify members depending on their quiz scores for access to exclusive channels. Present courses in a professional way to increase learning engagement.

Do them all directly on Discord and remove the need for an additional platform like LMS or quiz tools.

Qualify by quiz scores.

Assign roles based on quiz outcomes by setting a pass or fail threshold. For example, grant users access to exclusive channels when their correct answer ratio exceeds 70%. Customize quizzes with advanced features, including the option to hide correct answers, allow single or multiple attempts, adding required or restricted roles to start the quiz, and showcase a leaderboard.

Deliver courses professionally.

Enhance your community’s learning experience through organized course paths. Elevate the significance of ‘knowledge’ by assigning roles based on course/module completions. Embrace a sequential learning approach, allowing users to access subsequent modules only after completing the preceding ones, like serial modules in an LMS. Offer this directly through Discord interfaces, providing an integrated user experience and eliminating the need for external platforms like course-building web apps.

Speed up content creation with AI Wiz

AI Wiz can generate a complete quiz for you based on your documents or web pages. It can create quizzes with different types of questions, such as multiple choice, true or false, short answer, and fill in the blank.

Improve onboarding and data collection.

Leverage individual content modules as warm-ups or as incentives, offering free materials upon completions. This boosts engagement when users join your server. To gather insights about your audience, utilize diverse feedback mechanisms like surveys, freeform text inputs, and star ratings. Receive detailed reports on each user’s responses to deeply understand your community.

Get advanced reports for each user.

Obtain advanced analytics for each individual user, including the completion ratio of the course, the accuracy level for each quiz, and all the answers given for every question.